I believe that through knowledge and discipline,
financial peace is possible for all of us.

Dave Ramsey


Why Jim Barnard?

If you're like me, you're striving to live life to the fullest. As a husband, father and grandfather, I know you want to protect your loved ones and build your savings to retire your way.

As a financial advisor since 1999, I've helped numerous families and businesses to enjoy life today while planning for tomorrow. I work best with Baby Boomers and their families, listening to their financial concerns, before offering logical solutions that benefits their own situation.

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How I work

My job is to cut through the clutter of information and provide clear, simple to understand solutions for your insurance and savings needs. I do all the research for you and make recommendations based on YOUR needs and the latest available products and services from the best Canadian insurance and savings companies.
Insurance for Individuals

Insurance for Individuals

Insurance products are designed to meet a variety of needs - from basic protection in the short or long term, financial security, estate planning, tax efficient savings or leaving a lasting legacy. Life, Health and Disability insurance will provide protection for you and your family when an uncontrollable event occurs.
Savings and Income Plans for Individuals

Savings and Income Plans for Individuals

You work hard for your money. Too hard to risk your savings on a “maybe” return on investment. Through the use of guaranteed products, you can lessen or eliminate that worry. I work directly with you, listening to your expectations and concerns. Together we tailor a plan that meets your needs.

Insurance and Savings Plans for Groups

Insurance and Savings Plans for Groups

Competition for good employees is huge. Finding the right employee and keeping the good ones is a major hurtle. Simply offering a competitive wage is no longer enough. I offer a complete range of group insurance and savings products to meet your needs. 

Guarantees are important in today's world.

The guarantee we once received, when we purchased a product or service, doesn't seem to be worth what it once was. You buy a stove, a computer or a car, that should come with a manufacturers guarantee that you can trust. This doesn't happen.

In fact, the sales person tries to sell you an "extended warranty". What does that mean? First of all, it means the manufacturers guarantee has little or no value. Secondly, it tells you that retailer doesn't trust the product(s) he just sold you and will not back them up. ...not like the old days.

Guarantees are important to me. The products and services we sell have guarantees. And they are free! Well not really, because we know nothing is free. However, you do receive a written contract that details exactly what your product or service entitles you to and there is no extra cost. I explain these guarantees to you in words you can understand and answer your questions.

If guarantees are important to you, maybe we should have a coffee and talk?
I always enjoy working with Jim. He explains everything clearly
We have worked with Jim for many years. Jim has a laid back, friendly approach that makes insurance planning much easier
Jim was able to get insurance on me when I thought I was un-insurable
My company has had a Health Spending Account for 4 years, that Jim set up. I love the control I have over the costs and the employees love the flexibility with claims. We are now looking at setting up a group RRSP with Jim

Jim Barnard

I am very dedicated to providing high quality information about our financial products and services and in turn, helping my clients achieve financial success.

I am committed to providing you with high quality advice, superior service and information you will need to make sound financial choices.