When you have a medical condition, managing your care can be confusing and intimidating. Access to the right information can make the difference between merely coping with an illness or injury and pursuing promising treatment options.

        • InterConsultation® – diagnosis and treatment. More than just a second opinion, Best Doctors® experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of your medical records, including imaging scans, X-rays, test results and any pathology (which is retested). You will receive a written summary of their findings, including treatment recommendations, which you can share with your doctor. 

        • FindBestDoc® – access to Canadian specialists. Best Doctors® will conduct a customized physician search and recommend leading Canadian specialists who are accepting new patients. 
      • FindBestCare® – international expertise. When expert physicians or leading care facilities are required outside Canada, Best Doctors will find them for you and inquire about appointment availability on your behalf. 

      • Best Doctors 360°® – dedicated advocate. Call Best Doctors for help navigating the healthcare system, medical information and resources, one-on-one support and customized health coaching for a wide range of health concerns, from simple to serious. 

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