Best Doctors® brings together the best medical minds in the world to help you get the right diagnosis, treatment and information when your facing any type or degree of medical uncertainty.

      • Inter Consultation® – diagnosis and treatment. More than just a second opinion, Best Doctors experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of your medical records, including imaging scans, X-rays, test results and any pathology (which is retested). You will receive a written summary of their findings, including treatment recommendations, which you can share with your doctor.

      • FindBestDoc® – access to Canadian specialists. Best Doctors will conduct a customized physician search and recommend leading Canadian specialists who are accepting new patients.

      • FindBestCare® – international expertise. When expert physicians or leading care facilities are required outside Canada, Best Doctors will fi nd them for you and inquire about appointment availability on your behalf.
      • Best Doctors 360°® – dedicated advocate. Call Best Doctors for help navigating the healthcare system, medical information and resources, one-on-one support and customized health coaching for a wide range of health concerns, from simple to serious.

      • Onward by Best Doctors® – enhanced and timely support for mental health. Best Doctors will provide enhanced and timely support should you have a disability claim due to depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns. Support includes significantly faster access to psychologists (including a series of 12 therapy sessions), recommendations by leading psychiatrists to your treating physician to confi rm and/or change the diagnosis, and a treatment plan and one-on-one assistance from an assigned Client Advocate who provides support and guidance throughout the program.

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